Spring 2018

Design and Development of Oil and Gas Fields

General Geology

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Petroleum Economics 

Well Completion 

Reservoir Petrophysics 

Petroleum Reservoir Management and Evaluation

Advanced Petroleum Production Technology

Petroleum Production Engineering 2

Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

Petroleum Engineering Design

Engineering Mechanics

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

Design and Development of Oil and Gas Fields

Fall 2017

Introduction to Petroleum Engineering

Physics of oil and gas reservoirs

Drilling Engineering

Petroleum Geology

Petroleum Production Engineering 1

Petroleum Reservoir Simulation

Gas and Gas-Condensate Reservoir Engineering

Fluid Mechanics for Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Geoscience

Formation Evaluation

Advanced Drilling Engineering

Well Stimulation

Advanced Gas and Gas-Condensate Reservoir Engineering

Fluid Flow in Porous Media

Numerical Reservoir Simulation

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Spring 2017

Syllabus Advanced Petroelum Reservoir Engineering-Spring 2017

Syllabus Advanced Petroleum Production Technology-Spring 2017

Syllabus Design  and Development of Oil and Gas Fields, Spring 2017

Syllabus Well Completion, Spring 2017

Syllabus Petroleum Reservoir Management and Evaluation, Spring 2017

Syllabus Petroleum Production Engineering, Spring 2017

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering, Spring 2017

Reservoir Petrophysics, Spring 2017

Syllabus PetEcononomics, Spring,2017

Fluid Mechanics for Petroleum Engineers, Spring 2017

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, Spring 2017

General Geology, Spring 2017 

Fall 2016

Advanced DrillingEngineering Fall2016 2 (1) 

Drilling Engineering Fall_2016 (2) 


Introduction  to Petroleum Engineering_Fall,2016 

Numerical Reservoir Simulation,Fall-2016 

Petroleum Reservoir Simulation, Fall- 2016 

Syllabus in Petroleum Geology, fall,2016 

Syllabus in PetroleumGeoscience (Fall,2016) 

Syllabus- Physics of oil and gas reservoirs (1) 

Syllabus Enhanced Oil Recovery methods Fall2016 

Syllabus  Fluid Flow in porous media Fall2016 

Syllabus Well Stimulation methods Fall2016 

Syllabus Advanced Gas and Gas-Condensate Rereservoir engineering - 2016-2017 -MSc 

Syllabus-Gas and Gas Condensate Reservoir Engineering (5)

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