Hamlet Isakhanli

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HAMLET ISAKHANLI (Hamlet Isayev) (Also H.Issakhanly, H.Isakhanly, H.Isakhanli, H.A.Isayev, G.A.Isayev, G.A.Isaev, due to differences in transliterations) 


41 Mehseti Street

Baku AZ1096, Azerbaijan

Phone: (994 12) 422 52 53

Fax: (994 12) 498 93 79




1954 - 1965: Elementary, secondary and high school: Gold Medal for highest achievement, Republic of Georgia

1965 - 1970: Combined B.S. and M.S. Program in Mathematics, Honors Diploma; Department of  Mathematics and Mechanics, Azerbaijan State University, Baku

1970 - 1973: PhD in Mathematics, Institute of Mathematics, Academy of Science of Azerbaijan and Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, and Lomonosov Moscow State University

1983:  D.S. (Doctor of Science) in Mathematics, Soviet Academy of Science, V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Moscow


Professional experience

1973 - 1988: Senior Scientist, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics, Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences, Baku

1975 - 1976: Research Fellow, Lomonosov Moscow State University

1979 - 1981: Associate Professor, Azerbaijan State University

1979 - present: Visiting Professor and conference participant at various universities and research centers around the world

1981- 1982: Research Fellow, Soviet Academy of Sciences, V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Moscow

1988 - 1990: Chairman, Department of Mathematics, Leningrad Institute for Economics and Finance, Baku Campus

1991:  Founder, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan

1991 - 2010: President, Khazar University, Baku, Azerbaijan

1991 - present: Organizer of a various international symposium and conferences

1995:  Founder, Khazar University Press

1995 - present: Editor of research periodicals "Khazar Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences” (Former “Journal of Azerbaijani Studies"); Editor of "Khazar View", a literary and scientific magazine; Founder of “Azerbaijan Archeology” journal.     Member of other editorial boards.

1997 - present : Founder, Khazar University Sport Club, with Football Club in Supreme Division (1999-2004), Basketball Club in Supreme Division (1999 - present), Chess Club (2005), others

2005: Member, Education Commission under the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan

2010: Chairman, Board of Directors and Trustees, Khazar University

2012: Founder, Eurasian Academy

2013: Board Member, Eurasia Partnership Foundation



More than 300 published works: research articles in Mathematics, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences; monographs, textbooks and creative writings in Mathematics, Education, Language and Translations Studies, Poetry. Editor of numerous textbooks, books, dictionaries, transactions of conferences, journals.



Azeri (native), English (good), Russian (good), Turkish (good), French (elementary)


Research Interests

Mathematics, Education, Literature, History and Culture Studies, Language and Translation Studies


Recognition and awards received

2016 - Zahid Khalilov Prize for scientific and public activities, Baku, Azerbaijan

2016 - Cultural Medal of Shahriyar, Islamic Republic of Iran

1976 - 1983: Research articles included into lists of the most outstanding scientific research in the USSR, published annually by the National (Soviet) Academy of Science, Moscow

1994 - London Debret Encyclopedia "Who is Who in the Former Soviet Union?"

1996 – present:  Co-Chair, Council of Azerbaijani University Presidents 

1994 - Y. Mamedaliyev Award, in recognition of contributions to science and education, Baku, Azerbaijan

1997 – 1999 Board Member, Eurasia Foundation Caucasus, Tbilisi, Georgia

1998 – 2002: Board Member, Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation), Azerbaijan

2000 –  2007: Association of Azerbaijani Football Federations, Executive Committee Member

2001 – Member, International Council for Scientific Development – International Academy of Science

2001 – present: President, Association of Azerbaijani Private Universities

2004 – “Golden Pen” Award, In recognition of contribution to Poetry and Creative Writing, Baku, Azerbaijan

2005 - “Samad Vurghun” Award, in recognition of contributions to Education, Science, Azerbaijani Culture and Literature, Baku, Azerbaijan

2005 - Member, Academy of Pedagogical and Social Sciences, Russia, Moscow

2008 - First Vice-President, EURAS (Eurasian Universities Union)

2008 – Honorary Doctor of EuroUniversity, Tallinn, Estonia 2005 – Member, National Education Council under President of Azerbaijan

2010 – Co-founder and Member, Board of Directors, Karabakh Foundation, USA

2010 – “Jafar Jabbarly” (Cəfər Cabbarlı) Award, in recognition of contribution to publicity of classic and modern Azerbaijani Poetry, to compile a multi voluminous "The Azerbaijani LovePoetry"

2010 – National “Khazar” Award, in recognition of contribution to development of Azerbaijani Education and to founding of the University which meets international standards

And various other awards and recognitions.

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