Khazar University Hymn

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My Khazar University

Lyrics by Hamlet Isakhanli

(translated into English by Alison Mandaville and M. Lawry)

Music by V. Adigozelov and R. Mustafayev

From stately Baku on my Caspian shores

my Khazar University illuminates the world.

Lessons in poetry, the arts, and humanities

unlock the secrets of the universe, my Khazar University.

Embrace of life,

a pure place in my heart,

a warm hearth of best resolve:

this is my Khazar.

Fiery call of my youth,

from deep seas to lofty mountains,

a beloved flowering garden:

this is my Khazar.

A name renowned, sought throughout the land,

so many vows of love whispered in these arms—

my life fills with meaning; my soul strives for the summits;

inspiration’s bright spring overflows from my Khazar.

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