Metallic objects are of the primary things people use to adorn themselves. “Artistic metal” art is one of the main branches of Azerbaijani Decorative Applied Art. This form of art has created many branches within itself. Artistic metal art has been applied in combination with a variety of other types of art for centuries.

It is well known that jewelry, with its own unique place among fine arts, is one of our everlasting national riches. This field, which was born out of the natural need for people to make their world more beautiful, carries traces of the millennia over which it was formed against the backdrop of the nation’s geography, climate, economy, and later culture and religion. Along with its status as a national resource, jewelry also helps us understand and create ancient and beautiful traditions. Thus education in a field as interesting and multifaceted as jewelry, and especially the evaluation of students, is unique.


Decorative artifacts that have been found as a result of long years of archeological study form a unique part of the representations of our rich culture. These decorative objects, taken together, provide an opportunity to comment on the art of jewelry. For example, pieces that are now only worn by women would have also been worn by men in ancient times. In those times, wearing jewelry was not only for aesthetic reasons; it was also a status symbol.

People’s attitudes toward certain decorative objects changed along with the formulation of religion as well; most decorations on bracelets, earrings, beads, belts and other decorative items for women shifted to symbols of the moon and other superstitious symbols. 



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