In accordance with the policy of Khazar University for strengthening the research activities of the departments, emphasized and announced in the first general meeting of English Language and Literature Department, six research groups have been formed under the various topics relevant to the areas of study, skill and experience of the teachers as follows:








Firangiz Nasirova

Kamala Askerova

Eynur Mehdiyev

Narmin Kerimli

Ilham Tagiyev

Narmin Memmedova


Naila Gasimova

Saadat Farhadova

Nigar Mammadova

Sevinj Iskenderova

Lidiya Gamidova

Konul Huseynova


Nigar Hagverdiyeva

Aziza Zulfugarova

Adila Aliyeva

Diana Gayibkhanova

Milana Abbasova

Shahriyar Mammadov


Ilaha Khanaliyeva

Nubar Agalarova

Sevil Huseynova

Arzu Mikayilzadeh

Lala Gamidova

Jeyhun Kerimov


Irina Orujova

Leyla Rehimova

Khayala Panahova

Nahide Guliyeva

Leyla Salayeva

Minara Farzaliyeva



Aytan Mammadova

Zulfiyya Ibrahimova

Elmira Aliyeva

Zamira Gurbanova

Narmina Fataliyeva



Adila Abdullayeva

Lala Aliyeva






Khanim Ahmadova







Pervin Kerimova





The priority of the research field is ‘the investigation of the ways of improvement of teaching English language at Khazar University the result of which can be published accordingly. In this regard, the following topics were suggested to be taken into consideration. 


Art and/of Language; A Study of the Use of Operatic Performances in the Enhancement of Speaking Skill in EFL Students

Teaching 1

Acquisition in Isolation? An Investigation of the Impact of ‘Total Segregation or Partial Integration’ of Adult Azerbaijani Foreign Language Learners with their Seniors

Teaching 2

Towards ‘the Nous’ of the Language: A Study of the Impact of the Frequent Assessment on the Acquisition of ‘the Nous’ of the Language by EFL Student

Teaching 3

Teaching the Invisible Skill: A Survey of the Ways and Importance of Teaching Collocation to Adult Azeri EFL Students


Abolishing Impoliteness; A Study of the Importance of Teaching Politeness Strategies to EFL Students


Language NOT for Language Sake: An Investigation of the Right Level of Teaching Technical Words to EFL Students



  1. The approval of the Topic

  2. One paper for each on the topic

  3. Gradual Composition of Literature review

  4. Methodology

  5. Data Collection

  6. Results

  7. Discussion

  8. Conclusion

  9. Limitation of the research

  10. Suggestion for further researches 

The academic staff of the Department is currently working on compiling new books for Reading and Writing courses. These books are determined to meet the high standards of European universities and widen the students’ world outlook. The staff working on the books is charged with performing detailed research of various curricular and supplementary materials. 

This year the Department has implemented a new system of teaching basic subjects such as Reading 1 and Writing 1 as intensive courses. For this purpose the instructors of the department have done research projects on various fields, as well as choosing textbooks and appropriate materials for the particular field of study. 

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