The Department of English Language and Literature is one of the largest departments at Khazar University. It was established in 1992. The faculty of the Department includes experienced Azerbaijani scholars and teachers of English as well as visiting professors.

The Department of English Language and Literature intends to instill in students strong language and communication skills, profound knowledge of British and American literature, and a solid background in relevant areas including linguistics and translation studies.

The Department offers elementary, intermediate and advanced courses in English, British and American Literature, and Language Studies. English courses meet the academic needs of all undergraduate students for their University Requirements, the needs of undergraduate majors in English Language and Literature, and the needs of students enrolled in graduate programs.

The Department of English Language and Literature's program for teaching English aims to provide comprehensive coverage of the grammatical structure and lexical system of English, combined with extensive practice of the four language skills: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. It is intended for the students of all levels and schools at the university, where English is a primary language of instruction.

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