School of Economics and Management

General information

Established in 1991, the School of Economics and Management (SEM) at Khazar University has become a leading business school in Azerbaijan, and has earned an international reputation for its commitment to quality and innovation in the design and delivery of its programs and courses. It has been a pioneer in the introduction and development of an open Western learning system in Azerbaijan, adapted to the regional needs. 

The SEM offers undergraduate, graduate and professional programs leading to Bachelor's, Master's and Ph.D. degrees. With its outstanding faculty and dedicated students, the School envisions its mission as developing specialists in Economics, International Economics, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Management, International Business and other areas, who could successfully perform in national and international business environments.

The School’s graduate programs are specifically designed to meet academic requirements of successful and experienced business people, as well as those coming to business for the first time, and to provide an in-depth understanding of business and management.

Rationale and Objectives

To manage successfully in the modern market economy specialists with various business background and majors are required. The SEM is committed to teaching and research in various areas of Economics and Business.

The School maintains very close contacts with the local business community, international organizations and financial institutions.

The objectives of the school are to:

  • create an educational platform upon which the graduates can build business and social capability through
  • a lifetime of continuing growth and development
  • provide career opportunities in a wide variety of professional fields
  • provide a general understanding of managerial processes that apply to both private and public sectors
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