Quality Assurance System Aims at Khazar University:

  • Improve instructional and research quality;Promote renovation and building of learning facilities and resources;
  • Promote renovation and building of learning facilities and resources;
  • Raise administrative levels of higher education institutions;
  • Form assessment systems at various levels.

Quality indicators are:

1.Education, syllabus and curriculum

2.Students and student support system

3.Research and teaching activities

4.Education policy. (serious teaching environment)

5.Material-technical resources (buildings, rooms, labs, cafeteria, etc)


7.Development and action plans of the higher education institution

The Quality Assurance System at Khazar University covers 2 aspects:

1. Academic quality: quality of teaching and learning, and quality of curriculum.

1. Quality of infrastructure: facilities, equipment.

The Quality Assurance Center, supported by appropriately trained staff, enhances the processes of academic quality assurance in three areas :

  • Curricula Validation and Review;
  • Student Learning, Teaching and Assessment;
  • Staff Development and Appraisal.

This enables Khazar University to be established and recognized by academic standards within the European Union and beyond.

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