Programs and Degrees

The School of Science and  Engineering offers various academic and professional degree programs in:

  • Computer Science (BS, MS, Ph.D.)
  • Computer Engineering (BS, MS, Ph.D.)
  • Petroleum Engineering (BS, MS, Ph.D.)
  • Civil Engineering (BS)
  • Electronics, Telecommunications and Radio Engineering (BS, MS)
  • Physics Education (BS)
  • Biomedical technology Engineering (BS)
  • Biology Education (BS)
  • Chemistry and Biology Education (BS)
  • Chemistry Education (BS)
  • Chemical Engineering (BS)
  • Mathematics Education (BS) 
  • Mechanical Engineering (BS)
  • Geography  and Geography Education (BS)

The Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree Programs are designed for individuals who are at least high school graduates. They provide students with a firm foundation in engineering and applied science and prepare graduates for immediate practice of the profession as well as advanced studies.

The Master of Science (MS) Degree Programs are for specialists who wish to obtain an up-to-date understanding of various research, technical, economic or market aspects of particular areas of science and engineering. 

The Philosophy Doctor (Ph.D.) Degree Program is for specialists with deep research interests who wish to enhance their future career in areas of science and engineering.

Contemporary engineering and the related fields also require knowledge of management. The courses offered in economics and management cover the requirements for the graduates of the school in these fields.

The implementation of all programs conforms to general standards due to the research and teaching activities of faculty members and their professional experience, broad scope of personal contacts with experienced international experts, and partnerships with international companies and other institutions. The programs successfully meet modern standards in research and education as well as the regional, technical, economic, social, and educational traditions and specificities. 

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