Student Projects

Along with its high-quality education, Khazar University is also known for its interesting campus life. Students develop their skills in the implementation of various presentations and projects in the educational process. These types of modern educational methods have been applied to Khazar University over a long period of time, and great successes have been achieved in this field. Through presentations and projects students gain teamwork skills, expand their worldview,  and learn to perform in front of an audience.  

This year, we - the first-year students of the School of Economics and Management — prepared several unique projects. During these presentations we exchanged views with ambassadors, representatives and individual citizens of many countries. As a result, we were able to learn about features of various countries and their development. For instance, we were informed about Indian traditions which do not grow old, majestic Norwegian laws and regulations which have been perfected, the higher level of Canada's economy, a comparison of the economy of Lithuania with that of Azerbaijan, the extraordinary culture of Poland, and other interesting supplementary information increasing our worldview. In addition, we have appealed to local and foreign companies based in Baku, and with their help we learned the rate of development of business, in various fields. Receiving information from companies like the State Oil Company or Ateshgah Insurance Company was significant for us. Presentations about Baku and Khazar University strengthened our knowledge once again. A presentation that was made about Khazar University was unique because it was given not just to all the high school students like usual, but to the most talented students in our city. School students watching the presentation said that they would definitely choose Khazar University in the future.

Of course, as first-year students it was invaluable for us to make these first steps in our development, and we believe that all of these presentations, even if they are small, will be part of the foundation of our achievements in the future. 

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