International Projects


ELECTRA: Enhancing Learning in ENPI Countries Through Clean Technologies and Research-related Activities 

Duration: 48 months

ELECTRA is a project proposal that enhances quality in higher education and promotes intercultural understanding through research co-operation with third countries, particularly in the fields of energy, environment and industrial applications. 

The project is coordinated by Oldenburg University who has been partner member in Erasmus Mundus projects since 2010 and coordinator of a running Tempus project with ENPI countries. All corners of Europe are represented, from Portugal to the Baltic countries passing by Ireland, Germany to Bulgaria. In ENPI countries, capitals and regions are represented as well (like Batumi, Odessa, Zaporizhzhya).

Special attention is given to the roles of associated partners including research centers, ministries of education, association of universities in both ENPI and Europe, quality assurance agencies and environmental agencies in third countries.

During the lifespan of the project, selected candidates will be trained and formed in a variety of universities with large experience in exchange mobility, campus of excellence in targeted areas, and with the possibility of practical internships in numerous programs.

By improving the skills of present and future engineers, environmentalists, policy makers in energy, soil and water management and related areas, while encouraging employability and avoiding brain drain, ELECTRA expects to contribute positively to the local and regional development of ENPI countries. Multi-country initiatives are sought too.

ELECTRA is a project that attempts to bring closer cooperation between EU and ENPI countries so as to increase research and produce multiplier effects in areas related to Green Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development. These are the three main areas of action within the European COST network.

Likewise, the project will reinforce educational, cultural, scientific and technological links between partners while implementing EHEA tools and mechanisms that promote transparency and recognition of studies abroad.

Other specific objectives of the project are:

  • Promotion of the knowledge-based triangle science-enterprise-university by targeting applied research in the PhD and post-doc proposals;
  • Integration of Bologna educational system and Lisbon Strategy in Central Asian partner institutions with support of Ministries of Education 
  • Contribution to the development of qualification frameworks in priority field areas Contribution to lifelong learning and employability of students.


Oldenburg University

Joint Coordinator:

Ilia State University


Politechnico de Valencia

Politechnico di Torino

Limerick University

Universidade do Minho

Oulu University

Jagiellonian University

University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

Tbilisi State University

Batumi Shota Rusteveli State University

Belarusian State University

Baku State University

Odessa Technological University

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University

Zaporizhzhya National University

Belarusian Technical University


Hassan Niknafs, Dean of School of Engineering and Applied Sciences


Havvakhanim Gurbanova, Assistant Vice President of International Affairs


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