Syllabus 2019_Spring

Department of English Languages

English Foundation 1 A

English Foundation 1 B

English Foundation  2 A

English Foundation 2 B

English Foundation 2 C

English Foundation 2 D

ESP (petroleum)

Department of Petroleum Engineering

Engineering Drawing 

General Geology 

Well completion   

Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 

Reservoir Petrophysics 

Petroleum Engineering Design 

Petroleum Economics

Petroleum Production Engineering  2      

Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

 Advanced Petroleum Reservoir Engineering 

Advanced Petroleum Production Technology 

Design and Development of Oil and Gas fields 

Petroleum Reservoir Management and Evaluation 

Department of  Computer Sciences 

Computer Application in Engineering

Fundamentals of Computer Programming A/B

Oriented Programming

Data Structures Algorithms

Computer Organization

Web Programming 2 A/B

Operating Systems

Operations Research

Soft Computing

Software Engineering (CE)

Information Security (CE)

Introduction to Theory of Computation

Multimedia Systems

Game Development

Network Security

Computer Graphics (CS)

Programming Languages 

Machine Learning

Wireless Communication

Embedded Systems

VLSI Circuits and System Design

Internet Architecture

Distributed Systems

Database Management systems

Department of Physics and Electronics

Physics 1 A

Physics 1 B 

Physics 1 C 

Physics 2 A/B

Basic Electronics         

Power Conversion                                                      

Communications Systems                                            

Analog and Digital Electronics                                       

Electrical Measurements and Methods             

Designing Radio Electronics Devices

Theory of Reception, Processing and Transmission of images

Department of  Mathematics

Calculus 1 A/B 

Calculus 1 C

Calculus 1 D

Calculus 2 A/B/C

Applied Differential Equations

Applied Statistical Analysis A/B

Numerical Analysis

Applied Linear Algebra

Department of  Civil Engineering


Materials of Construction

Soil Mechanics

Basics of Metrology

Structural Analysis

Reinforced Concrete Fundamentals -2

Steel Structure

Hydraulic Structures

Strength of Materials I

Construction Machines

Concrete technology

Department of  Chemistry and  Chemical Engineering

Chemistry I

Chemistry II

Materials and Energy Balance

Modeling and Simulations of Processes

Unit Operation II

Refinery and Petrochemical Processes

General Chemical Technology

Petrochemical product

Catalysis and Catalytic Processes

Engineering mechanics

Mass Transfer

Thermodynamics 2

Department of Mechanical Engineering  


Material Science

Manufacturing Technologies

Heat Transfer

Strength of Materials II

Fluid Machinery

Mechanical Engineering Design

Hydraulic Machinery Design

System dynamics and control


Azerbaijan History A/B

Azerbaijan History C

Life Science

Azerbaijan Culture

German Language 2


Italian language 2

Introduction to Economics

Human Rights

Korean language

French language

Film about Khazar University