Final examinations will be held at the end of each term in all courses.

These will be consistent with the approved schedule of examinations.

Changes for individual emergencies of a serious nature will be made only through written request by the student to the Dean of the School.

A student who is absent from an examination without an excuse may be given a grade of “F” for the course.

An incomplete (“IC”) will be given in the case of a student’s absence from the final examination if the student has presented a satisfactory reason to the instructor that is approved by the Dean of the relevant School.

Students with grades of 57, 58 or 59 in a course also receive a mark of IC.

Students who are absent from intermediate tests and quizzes with a reason that is acceptable to the instructor and the Dean’s Office will be given a substitute test.

Re-examination for the purpose of removing a failure is permitted only in the case of graduating seniors who are in their last term before their scheduled commencement and who are passing the course at the time the final examination is given.

In this case only one (in exceptional cases, two) course re-examinations are permissible.

Credit by examination – Students currently enrolled or formerly enrolled in the university may obtain credit by examination in a course in which they have had no class attendance provided that the course has been determined by the offering department or school to be an appropriate class for credit without attendance.

Permission to take the examination must be obtained in advance from the Dean of the School.

The applicant must pay the fee to the university in prior to taking the examination.

This fee is not refundable. The instructor administers and reports the results of the examination to the Registration and Records Office within one week of the date of approval by the Dean.

Credits earned under this regulation are recorded with the grade achieved on the examination.

For detailed information on examination and evaluation, please see Khazar University “Examination and Evaluation Guidelines” or Khazar Student’s Handbook.

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