Students may withdraw from a course during the first two weeks of classes. After that, a course withdrawal will be permitted only with the approval of the Dean of the School. When a student withdraws from a course after the first five weeks of a semester, the dropped course will appear on the academic record as a “W” in place of a grade, and the student will be charged for the entire course.

A student may also be withdrawn from the course administratively as a result of his/her failure to keep such requirements as attendance, participation, and others. The University may place a student on involuntary leave for a specific period (e.g., for a term or a year) for serious violation of the University Regulations and other codes.

To withdraw from the University, students should complete an official withdrawal form, available at the Registration and Records Office, and submit it to the Dean's Office. 

The information shown on the form is considered for Khazar refund policies and procedures.

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