Combination Undergraduate/ Graduate Programs

Khazar University offers several combination undergraduate/graduate programs, such as bachelor/master and master/PhD programs. The students can also study for double major awards.

Combination Bachelor/Master and Master/PhD Programs

Some undergraduate majors allow the students to enter into joint BS/MS, BA/MA and/or BS/MA and BA/MS degree programs. An undergraduate student attending master’s degree courses or taking part in a research project is considered to be an undergraduate student until he/she completes his/her bachelor’s degree requirements. To complete his/her BS/BA degree requirements a senior undergraduate student may take appropriate graduate level courses with the permission of the relevant department and school.

Students holding a bachelor’s or professional degree(s), and with high standing may apply for a joint master/PhD program. Within the framework of this program, the main goal is to complete the PhD degree requirements. However, during the first stage of their studies, students must meet master degree requirements.

Second Undergraduate Degrees

Two undergraduate degrees may be conferred if a student satisfies both major and major-related requirements within two departments or Schools. If the double major is pursued in two Schools, the student must designate in which School he or she will be registered and from which he/she will graduate first when declaring the two majors. In order to be eligible for the second bachelor's degree, the student must apply for admission to the second degree program no earlier than the end of his/her second year and no later than the end of his/her third year. Exceptional cases may be considered for the approval of the relevant School and/or department. Upon completion of all requirements for the first program and the award of the first degree, the student's status will be changed to the second program. The student must again apply for graduation to be granted the second degree.

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