Educational and Research Institutions

Cultivating a network of international relations allows Khazar University to boost the mobility of its academic staff and students as well as to make the unique educational and research opportunities of Azerbaijan available to students and faculty abroad.

The internationalization processes take place in the following areas:

  •  Bilateral cooperation agreements (with around 100 universities all over the world)
  •  Membership in consortiums of universities such as: Eurasia University Union (EURAS), Black Sea University Association; Caspian University Association; Alliance of Universities for Democracy; International Information Security  Research Consortium; and Caucasus International Consortium for Academic Cooperation (CICAC)
  •  Participation in international educational and research programs and projects
  •  Exchanges of students and academic staff
  •  International cooperation on the faculty, institute, department and individual levels.

By participating in various consortiums of universities, Khazar University strives to intensify different types of exchanges and to widen possibilities for internationalization of studies and research. Active participation within bilateral partnership agreements and European programs has allowed wide cooperation activities within the ERASMUS program. The number of agreements with partner universities has grown in anticipation of more intensive exchanges of students and teachers.

Khazar University has become an attractive place to study both for full-time and exchange international students. Many visiting professors are involved in the study process and the faculty is active in involving more and more visiting fellows in the university.

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