A global-community recognizes that events and forces such as major social changes, massive population growth, widespread human rights violations, increasing crime, violence, and substance abuse as well as increased awareness, communication, learning and sharing of knowledge associated with globalization are primary socialization influences affecting human wellbeing in contemporary societies. Thus, people may face with various biopsychosocial undesirable events and tend to have high level of anxiety, stress and even burnout which lead a demand for psychologists.

Psychology is the scientific study of the mind and behavior as well as multifaceted discipline. Psychologists investigate many sub-fields of study such areas as motivation, emotional well-being, conscious, human development, sports, health, clinical, social behavior and cognitive processes. Currently there is an increasing demand for psychologists because of the high rate psychological issues.

The Department of Psychology was established in 2010. The program combines the theory and practice of psychology and teaches techniques of individual and group psychological counseling and care, which are essential for a successful career in the field.

Why study Psychology at Khazar University?!

  • High quality education in English
  • The education system based on the experience of the world's leading universities
  • Opportunities to continue education abroad
  • Foreign trained staff as well as highly-educated professionals from Azerbaijan
  • Experience in clinics and hospitals
  • Possession of regular seminars, courses and conferences for professional development at the Khazar Psychology Counselling Center

To Whom is this occupation suitable for?

  • People with verbal and written communication skills
  • People with analytical thinking
  • Creative
  • Patient
  • Discreet
  • Listener

For the first time we organized the first International Psychology Conference in Azerbaijan as a Khazar University in order to learn and promote about the latest achievements in psychology. It is an honor and proud to host such an international conference at Khazar University for our students.

Career opportunities:

  • hospitals
  • polyclinics
  • orphanage
  • educational institutions
  • psychological service centers
  • almshouse
  • industrial areas

Depending on the field of psychology they may work as a clinical psychologist, child psychologist, family psychologist, etc.


Melek Kerimova

Coordinator  of  Psychology Department 

Director of Khazar Psychological Center

PhD candidate in Social Philosophy (Khazar University, Azerbaijan)

MS in Counseling Psychology and Guidance
                                 (Hacettepe University, Turkey)

                                 BS in Counseling Psychology and Guidance
                                 (Hacettepe University, Turkey)

                                 E-mail: psychology[at]

                                 Phone: (+994 12) 421 10 93 (275)

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