Ali Huseynli 

Department Chair

PhD in Mathematics (Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics)

MS in Mathematics (Baku State University, Azerbaijan)

Department of Mathematics was founded on October 1, 1993. The Department offers programs leading to MS and PhD degrees in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. Some interdepartmental programs within Mathematics are available to students willing to combine their interests in Mathematics with other concentrations. The Department serves all Khazar University schools delivering courses of Pre-calculus, General and Advanced Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear and Applied Algebra, Operations Research, General Statistics, as well as Biostatistics and Business Statistics, Mathematics for Economics and Business, etc.

Since 2009 the Department of Mathematics has offered undergraduate programs in Mathematics and Computer Education. The Bachelor Degree Program in Mathematics and Computer Education is an interdepartmental program offered jointly by the Department of Mathematics and the Department of Computer Science. 

 All programs and coursework reflect a broad range of areas in theory and application within the mathematical sciences. There is a choice of courses, which are similar in subject, but different in level.

There are four types of research-oriented curriculum: Mathematics is designed for graduate students with a strong interest in Mathematics

  • Mathematics and Computer Science, in which Mathematics is studied on an equal basis with Computer science
  • Mathematics and Economics in which students study strong links between Mathematics and Economics, particularly, mathematical models in Economics
  • Special applied mathematics areas which represent research interests of the mathematics faculty

Areas of current faculty research interest include: functional analysis, operator theory, ordinary and partial differential equations, mathematical physics, algebra, mathematical economics, probability theory, and mathematical statistics. In addition to these areas, coursework is provided in optimization and operation research, real and complex analysis, numerical methods, history and philosophy of mathematics.

The Department of Mathematics is the home of Khazar Journal of Mathematics, published by the Khazar University Press.

The Department host seminars which consist of lectures on numerous topics and reports by faculty or students on recent developments.  

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