OPAC Guide

Web Collection OPAC supports basic search methods that allow you to browse thought specific indexes in the library database for the closest match to your search.

1. Type the appropriate search term or phrase for your search type, and select appropriate Icon.

For example:

  • Subject

To search for a book on subject Strategic Management, type strategic management and click Icon Subject.

  • Title

To search for a book on title The Story of Art, type story of art and click Icon Title.

  • Author

To search for any books written by Brigham, type brigham and click Icon Author.

  • Series

To search for a booking the series, The World Bank, type World Bank and click Icon Series.

  • Call number

To search for an item with the call number 330.MACC, type 330 macc, and click Icon Call number.

  • Power search

Power search provides a flexible keyword-searching tool. Power search, an advanced keyword-searching tool, allows users to search for several words or phrases, using Boolean terms AND, OR and BUT, NOT and wildcards.

  • Using the Bookbag

Users can collect the titles that interest them, and then edit and print or save the list. You can also sort the report by Title-Author or Author-Title. Deletes the selected title, or empties the Bookbag. The Bookbag information is printed or saved in bibliographic format.

  • Printing search results
OPAC allows patrons to print selection lists and brief or full records. This option is available when selected in setup. While viewing a selection list or Record Display dialog box, select File/Print.
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