LIC Open Access Position

Khazar University Library and Information Center has involved in a wide range of Open Access-related activities. These activities fall into three broad areas:

  • OA Repositories
  • Open Access Journals 
  • OA Advocacy 

OA activities include the following:

  • Promote rights-protected open access Institutional repository that preserve research output of Khazar University community in perpetuity.
  • Build a range of new kinds of partnerships and alliances to support OA, both within University departments and between other Azeri institutions.
  • Base service-development OA strategies on substantive assessment of local needs rather than blindly replicating work done at another institution
  • Engage with key local policy issues and stakeholders to encourage institutional engagement with national and international OA policy issues
  • Develop outreach and marketing strategies that making OA journals accessible and discoverable to  readers
  • Actively promote the positive change in open access scholarly communication system.

LIC strives to outreach to the University faculty to educate and promote Open Access options. We work closely with faculty to both educate on the different publishing options and also to assist faculty with locating Open Access scholarly materials and including these materials into curriculum by one-on-one consultation, presentations, etc.

To encourage acceptance of Open Access among the academic and research community in our country, we made a number of attempts to disseminate information, including a series workshops, presentations, translation of key documents into Azeri.

LIC has made progress by:

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