The main goals of the Khazar University Department of Education are to stay on the cutting edge of the modern field of education, to train professional teachers and specialists with high-level proficiency in order to meet a felt need in the country’s and society’s education system, to conduct research in various areas of the field of education, and to be a department specializing in the field of education on both a national and global scale.

The Department also offers master’s and continuing professional education programs for experts carrying out research in various areas of the field of education, including education management, philosophy and history of education, foundations of education, educational programs, curriculum development, and evalution. 

The department is committed to developing an appreciation of the power of learning to transform people and society, in the sense that individuals have the potential for constant growth and that education can be a force toward improvement in the life of the community and society at large.

We see ourselves acting in concert with the Khazar University mission statement that emphasizes autonomous thought, moral agency, and active citizenship for all Khazar students.  The program emphasizes the development of habits associated with praxis, a concept in which reflection grows out of experience and is prelude and catalyst to action, particularly action that shares power and challenges injustice. Through this process, students come to recognize they are transformed as they learn, unlearn, and relearn in continuous ways that become life-long habits. The department intends that our graduates work throughout their professional and personal lives encountering, defining, and solving problems in continuous active engagement with the central issues of their time.

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