Economics and Management

The Department of Economics and Management (DEM) offers flexible and innovative undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degree programs that cover the main areas of business and economics. All of the departmental programs are designed to meet the requirements of the students and professionals through building a strong platform for their future career development. The aim of the DEM is to furnish the students with substantive decision-making skills and tools, as well as the functional knowledge required to effectively manage composite businesses in today's competitive global environment.

Under various partnership programs, the DEM is affiliated with a number of business departments of a leading US and European universities. It is for this reason that all of the faculty members of the DEM have been participating in academic training and development programs conducted overseas. In addition, scholars from partner universities take an active part in the processes of program validation/review, faculty training/ development, curriculum development/assessment, etc., within the DEM.

At present the DEM consists of five divisions: Economics, Management, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, and graduate programs. Each division, with its small administrative structure, is responsible for the development of programs within its area. Research interests of the faculty members of the DEM cover the following subject areas: Economic Analysis, Development Economics, Corporate Governance, Decision Science, Finance and Banking, Management, International Trade and Business, Regional Economics, Information Technology, Economic and Business Education.

The mission of the Department of Economics and Management is to provide students with an understanding of economic and management principles that will be useful throughout their careers. We address both the immediate application of problem-solving techniques and the conceptual basis for those techniques.

All department majors are designed to provide a basic understanding of the framework and key institutions of modern economic systems. Each major also provides students with the opportunity to develop expertise in quantitative analysis of economic and business data.

Meanwhile, strong academic and professional networks offer tremendous opportunities for intellectual exchange and experience within Azerbaijan and overseas.


Dr. Jeyhun Mammadov

Department Chair

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