Khazar University Library & Information Center (LIC) a top-tier academic library, serving one of the most important centers of learning and research in Azerbaijan.


Khazar University LIC as the intellectual heart of the university community, provides quality support for teaching, learning, and  research through our staff, collections, programs, spaces, and services.


• LIC staff are committed to the library mission, and effectively anticipate and respond to the ever-changing teaching, learning, and research landscape.

• The library is a gateway to exceptional collections and continuously strives to enhance discovery, access, and use of the collections.

• Library services are driven by an evidence-based understanding of the various needs and research practices of our users.

• LIC digital and technological infrastructure enable the library to best carry out its mission


• We recognize that service to the Khazar community is our top priority.

• We recognize that service to the Khazar community is our top priority.

• We are committed to fostering information literacy skills and promoting lifelong learning by providing instruction and resources that meet the needs of learners

• We collaborate with partners, internal and external to the library and to Khazar University

• We assess what we do and how we do it to ensure operational effectiveness and quality service delivery.

• We are committed to creating an inviting and working environment that enhances teaching, learning, research, innovation, and collaboration.

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