Languages and Literatures

The main goal of the Department of Azerbaijan Language and Literature of Khazar University is to teach the Azerbaijani language as well as Azerbaijani and world literature for all the schools of Khazar University and prepare specialists with bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees in this field.

Azerbaijani language and literature are taught as compulsory and core subjects at the Schools of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Humanities and Social Sciences, Economics and Management, and to students majoring in Elementary Education, Mathematics and Informatics Education, and Chemistry and Biology Education of the School of Education. The Department gives priority to more general content and introductory teaching of Azerbaijani language and literature subjects in the above-mentioned schools.

The objective of the Department of Education for the Bachelor’s Program in Azerbaijani Language and Literature Education is to teach students all the stages and periods, sections and fields of Azerbaijan language and literature (including World literature) with theoretical and practical methods in order to prepare high-quality, professional teachers.

The purpose of the Department of Education for the Bachelor’s Program in Azerbaijani Language and Literature (Philology) is to teach a wide range of modern grammatical structure and other aspects of the Azerbaijani language, as well as to provide information about linguistics and the history of literary language, to carry out studies in Azerbaijani literature (including World Literature) in chronological order, to teach the life and activity of writers and poets who lived in different periods, and to provide preliminary theoretical information. 

The main goal of the Department is to teach specific issues of the study of language and literature deeply, to increase theoretical training, and to develop students’ ability to work on texts, including analysis and application.

One of the main activities of the Department is also to prepare PhD students, including directing them toward research work on various problems of language and literature. The Department also conducts research on various fields of language and literature, is engaged in preparation of teaching materials for students, holds scientific seminars and discussions, organizes conferences and symposiums, and encourages students' involvement in research activities.

An important part of the Department’s activity plan is taking an active role in the social life of the university departments; organizing discussions of literature, poetry nights, and reading competitions; and to planning student activities and the university events.

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