Rohde & Schwarz day held on April 5, 2017 at Khazar University

Engineers know Rohde & Schwarz (founded in 1933) as a German manufacturer of test and measurement equipment for wireless communications, broadcast and media, the electronics industry, monitoring and network testing.

The aim of “Rohde & Schwarz day” was to familiarize professors and students in field-oriented specialties with state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment, present the company’s equipment line, provide application examples of these devices in academic and manufacturing environments and provide a practical demonstration of how they work.

Head of Department Electronics and Telecommunications Nuru Safarov opened the event by presenting Khazar University and providing a brief summary of the University’s structure and accomplishments for guests from abroad. He spoke about the importance of interaction between higher education institutions and equipment manufactures in terms of preparing students for working in advanced technical environments.

Sergey Rybinskiy (, a representative of Rohde& Schwarz based in Azerbaijan, opened a presentation series with a talk on the history of the company’s founding and development, its T&M portfolio and the tasks accomplished by these state-of-the-art systems. A large portion of this presentation was dedicated to lab models for various areas of study within the Department Electronics and Telecommunications.

Equipment for testing mobile operator service quality was the primary focus of Rohde & Schwarz at Khazar University. This topic was at the forefront due to increased loads on mobile networks and government requirements regarding high-quality services. The practical part of the event was dedicated to this equipment.

Juris Grantins, product manager for mobile network testing gave a presentation on the equipment used in his field and spoke about network testing tasks, quality assessment methods and the instruments used by his department including:

- Freerider II: a backpack-based solution for conducting radio measurements, benchmarking and data processing

- QualiPoc Android: a specialized smartphone for testing

- ROMES: coverage assessment software

- TSME: an ultra compact radio scanner

Juris Grantins presented these instruments to the audience and demonstrated their effectiveness for analyzing mobile networks and service quality. The practical demonstration of the equipment made it possible to more broadly cover the topic of mobile network testing and optimization.

Following the presentations, the audience received an opportunity to work with the equipment and get answers to questions that had arisen during the practical portion of the event.

The company’s product catalog was added to the department’s library.

Head of Department Electronics and Telecommunications Nuru Safarov closed the event by thanking the Rohde & Schwarz representatives for their engaging and practical presentations.



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