Community and Charity Projects

“Sun” Children’s Home №3

Khazar University has a friendship with “Sun” Children’s Home №3. That friendship has united us for more than 20 years.  As we learn about their needs, we try our best within our means to meet them. We’ve become like a family to each other, and when we’re together one can frequently hear the word “our.”  

Khazar has put 8 children from the home through the university. Two of them earned master’s degrees, and one of them works as an instructor at the university. This year one of the children entered the school of Humanities and Social Sciences. Students of the School of Economics and Management of Khazar University helped these children prepare for entrance examinations in Mathematics, History and English. During the past 20 years, Khazar University has made provisions for 14 single young people to get married. Items necessary for a comfortable life were collected and luxurious weddings were organized. Students prepared trays of sweets with great enthusiasm and decorated furniture.

The university also presented a carpet-making workshop to the children’s home in order to help them learn the art of carpet-making. It has also enriched the library of “Sun” Children’s Home with books, entertainment and computer devices, and various films and games that draw the children’s interest.

Before all our major holidays, we make serious preparations to celebrate with the children. In particular, celebrating New Year and the Novruz holiday with them made the little children glad. Students dressed up as Santa Clauses, Snow Princesses and Clowns made the children happy with a lot of presents. During our national Novruz holiday, students gave the children traditional trays filled with baked goods like shakarbura, pakhlava, gogal, badambura, and colored eggs. These holidays beautifully reflect the children’s and student’s love for each other. The name of the children’s home is “Sun,” and we try our best to give the children many sunny days. 

Nursing Home

For more than 10 years, Khazar University has had a special connection with a nursing home. Our students visit their adopted grandparents there on holidays such as Gurban (Day of Sacrifice), Novruz, and Easter. The elderly people look forward to the students’ visits, to which they bring presents, prepared concert programs and much love. Our government provides all the necessary facilities for the elderly people; each room has a TV, carpet, and everything the residents need. They are provided with good nutrition for their health. However, these grandmothers and grandfathers are still in need of tenderness, loving hugs and kind words, and we are trying to meet those needs that they have felt for so long. 

War Veterans

Veterans are the most sought-after guests at our holiday celebrations. Each year when we celebrate May 9th and Flower Day together, we present a gift and a beautiful flower to our guests. They love lilac flowers most of all, because it reminds them of difficult wars that ended in victory. 92-year-old Galina Samulivna, 86-year-old Mrs. Sara, and 88-year-old Ibrahim Mammadoglu can very often be seen at our events, but they especially love when our students visit them to drink tea and give them a chance to pass time reminiscing about their youth. 

School for Handicapped Children

For 3 years now, we have been meeting with pupils of the school for handicapped children. There are many children among them like Jumshud and Ismayil, who are very talented. For example, Ismayil’s drawings were put on sale in an exhibition and 319 manats of profit were made and given to Ismayil. This money made the child incredibly happy. It wasn’t really so much money, but the profit, the fruit of his labor, was enough to show him that he had the ability to earn money on his own in the future. The students in the school are hindered from living their childhoods in the way they’d like because of physical disabilities, but our students try to make their lives more colorful by putting on shows for them and building sincere relationships with them. 

Blood Donation

It is a special day when our students voluntarily give blood, because on these days they ask themselves the question “if not me, then who?” Khazar has been given a certificate for its activity in coordinating blood drives. 

“Dunya” School Initiatives

Khazar University’s affiliate “Dunya” School is also involved in charity and community projects, such as:

1. Visiting and providing help to Children’s Home No. 3 in the suburb of Mardakan;

2. Providing assistance to handicapped war veterans and victims of workplace accidents in a nursing home in the suburb of Bilgah;

3. Helping Rasul Shakiroghlu Aghamaliyev, resident of Shabran, who has been paralyzed since birth (in 2009 and 2011, funds raised by Dunya School pupils made operations on Rasul’s legs possible, and the school continually supports Rasul’s rehabilitation by providing for treatment several times a year);

4. Helping sick and handicapped members of low-income families in the region of Yasamal.  

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