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Since its establishment, the development of international affiliations has become one of the major goals of Khazar University. Khazar considers international networking to be a leading tool for its development and prosperity. There are two main strands for international affiliations in academic and non-academic fields that Khazar has been undertaking:



This strand considers mutual cooperation between Khazar University and an international higher learning institution intended to share human and other resources for the welfare of both. The student, faculty and staff exchange programs and cooperative agreements, including mutual degree recognition agreements and memoranda of understanding are considered the leading tools for successful networking. The following are some of the universities that had and have relations with Khazar under the framework of various partnerships and/or development programs. Some of these activities are ongoing, some others were carried out in the recent past and some of them are in starting point.

 Table 1: Major Partner Universties, Academic Institutions in Different Countries and Regions


North America





University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA)

Development of university management techniques at Khazar, including Development of Educational Policy, the Library Automation System, Teacher Training, Fundraising, Academic Quality Assurance, Marketing, etc. Established faculty exchange programs in Maths, Computer Science, Education, Library and Information Studies, Social Sciences, Medicine, and English as a Second Language. The program has been in operation since 1993. The relationship continues under the formal joint cooperative agreement.


California State University, Los Angeles (CSULA)


Cooperation and exchange in academic areas of mutual interest; joint academic and scientific activities, such as: courses, conferences, seminars, symposia, or lectures; exchange of students and research and teaching personnel; enrichment of teaching and research programs.


California State University, San Bernardino, (CSUSB)

Development of academic and educational projects; organization of training and educational activities, such as training sessions, certificates, seminars, lectures; exchange of materials and publications of common interest; staff training.


Georgia State University (GSU), Atlanta

Undergraduate and graduate exchange of students since 1995; academic support for the establishment and development of the Master of Business Administration Program (MBA) at Khazar since 1996; various training and development programs at Khazar University and GSU.


Southern Utah University

Agreement on student and faculty exchange, research cooperation, short–term study abroad programs, collaboration of online courses, access to library resources.


Purdue University (PU), Indiana

Student, faculty and staff exchange programs for undergraduate and graduate levels; programs in Women Studies and History.


Princeton University

Curriculum development, teaching techniques and departmental administration.


George Mason University, (GMU), Virginia

Student exchange and research programs in the area of Conflict Analysis and Resolution.


Columbia University

Development of the Khazar  Law Clinic.


Southern Connecticut State University

Enhancing undergraduate Business Education.


Harvard University

Research cooperation, faculty exchange, joint academic conferences.


Oklahoma University

Linkages, information-sharing and mutual cooperation.


East Carolina University (State of North Carolina)

Cooperation for the purpose of promoting mutual understanding and academic, cultural, scientific programs; Student exchange.


American University, Washington DC

Regional program with six universities of South Caucasus, and Turkey including Khazar University, on the Study of the Caucasus.

USA The University of Kansas Agreement of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Cooperation.


University of Winnipeg

Agreement on student and faculty exchange, as well as research cooperation.








Leiden University

Research cooperation. Student Exchange.


The Nottingham Trent University (TNTU), UK and Haarlem Hogeschool (HH), NL

Establishment of Academic Quality Assurance Center; faculty and staff exchanges.


Heriot-Watt University

Research cooperation; collaboration in the graduate program in Petroleum Engineering.


Middlesex University

TEMPUS TACIS project on development of “Student Support Services” at Khazar University.


Northumbria University

Exchange of scholarly ideas/expertise; the support of specific discipline interaction; the development of programs and the advanced entry to programs of qualified students.


St. Claire’s College

Student exchange; mutual recognition and joint education programs.


Institute Superieur de Commerce International de Dunkerque (ISCID)

Undergraduate and graduate exchange in Law, Economics and Business Administration.


University of Cean Lower Normandy

Exchange of faculty, students and researchers; Cooperation between various academic departments on research, publications, etc.


Institute National des Langues et Civilisations Orientals (INALCO)


Publication of fundamental and applied research of French and Azerbaijani as a foreign language; French and Azerbaijani studies among French and Azerbaijani researchers; studies and research in the field of  Turkish languages and Ottoman Empire; faculty exchange; student exchange.


Institut de Préparation à l’Administration et à la Gestion

“European Union Foreign Affairs Journal” (EUFAJ)

Dual degree program; joint research, projects.


Sannio University

TEMPUS TACIS project on development of “Student Support Services”.


Stockholm School of Economics in Riga

Exchange of students at the undergraduate level.


Alexander Technological Educational Institution of Thessaloniki

Erasmus Mundus External Cooperation Window program 

Undergraduate and graduate student exchange. Exchange of Faculty and administrator. Agreement on recognition of study programs and credit transfer between Khazar University and participating European universities.


University of Angers


University of Tuscia


Polytechnic Institute of Viana do Castelo

The Netherlands

HAS Den Bosch University of Applied Sciences   


Rezekne's Augstskola


University of Rousse


The University of Winchester

Azerbaijan -TACIS-TEMPUS Program of the European Commission. Khazar University acts as Coordinator of the Project on Designing Quality Assurance Systems in Azerbaijani Universities.


Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


University of Warsaw

North Cyprus

Middle East University of North Cyprus

Exchange of academic staff and students; academic recognition; joint-degree/double-degree/twinning programs; research and information.

North Cyprus

Eastern Mediterranean University

Joint research activities; Exchange of faculty and students.

North Cyprus

Cyprus International University

Exchange of students, faculty, researchers and administrative staff; conducting research projects, lectures; organizing symposia.

North Cyprus

Girne American University

Training of academic staff; Joint research activities and information exchange.


Swiss Business School (SBS)

A collaboration contract about DUAL MBA program in International Management, Marketing, Global Finance and Banking.

Ukraine KROK University Exchange of students, faculty, researchers and administrative staff; conducting research projects, lectures; organizing symposia.



Europe (Nordic Countries)






Hogskolan i Boras

Faculty and student exchange; Joint research activities; Exchange of information.


Orebro University

Student exchange.


Uppsala University

Conflict Resolution program.


Lund University

Student exchange.


University of Tromso

Student exchange; joint research projects; joint academic and scientific activities- courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or lectures; exchange of research and teaching personnel, exchange of publications and other materials of common interest.


University of Bergen

Preliminary agreement on development of double degree programs in field of Petroleum Engineering; students and faculty exchanges; and joint research with support of StatoilHydro.


Stavanger University

Preliminary agreement on development of double degree programs in field of Petroleum Engineering, students and faculty exchanges, and joint research with support of StatoilHydro.


BI Norwegian School of Management

Joint researches and conferences, establishment of joint master programs for Khazar University graduates. Student exchange.








Middle East Technical University

Student and faculty exchange; Research cooperation; Faculty training.


Eurasian Strategic Research Center (ASAM)

Exchange of faculty and researchers; Joint workshops and publications.


Ankara University

Student and staff exchange; joint projects in various scientific and educational fields; publications; scientific meetings.


Istanbul Aydin University

Student and faculty exchange; collaborative research projects; double diploma and joint degree projects.


Cavalry School of Management and Design

Student exchange program to promote academic and cultural exchange.


Hebrew University

Joint research activities.


Malasian Insitute of Economic Research

Research exchange, joint research, conferences and workshops.


Doshisha University

Exchange of faculty, students, research materials and resources; Joint research projects, seminars and conferences; Twinning/Joint-degree/Double-degree Programs

  Japan Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University

Exchange of faculty members, exchange of students, joint research projects, joint conferences, joint cultural programs

Japan Ritsumeikan University

Exchange of faculty members, exchange of students, joint research projects, joint conferences, joint cultural programs

China China University of Petroleum-Beijing

Exchange of Academic Staff and Students; joint research, symposia, conferences; Twinning/Joint-degree/Double-degree Programs


Guizhou University

Exchange of Academic Staff and Students; joint research, symposia, conferences; Twinning/Joint-degree/Double-degree Programs


Sogang University

Exchange of students, researchers and faculty members for study and research; promotion of joint research and educational activities; publications; short-term visits of faculty members and researchers for lectures, conferences, colloquia and symposia; Korean and Azerbaijani language programs; future establishment and implementation of twinning, joint-degree and double-degree programs.

Korea Soonsgil University

Exchange of faculty, researchers and other research and administrative staff; Exchange of students; Dual degree program; Conducting collaborative research projects; Conducting lectures and organizing symposia; Exchange of academic information and materials; Promoting other academic cooperation as mutually agreed

Korea Hallym University

Co-sponsoring international conferences; exchange of academic staff, students; cooperation in research; exchange of academic materials, publications.

Korea Cheongju University

Exchange of information and materials that are of mutual interest; exchange of research staff, academic and administrative staff; other forms of co-operation.


Qurtuba University of Science and Information Technology

Exchange of students, faculty, researchers and administrative staff; conducting research projects, lectures; organizing symposia; joint degree programs.  


Asian Institute of Technology Development of collaborative research projects; Organization of Joint academic and scientific activities, such as: courses, conferences, seminars, symposia, or lectures; Exchange of research and teaching personnel; Exchange of students; Exchange of publications and other materials of common interests; Establishment of Unified Bachelor-Master’s Program; Establishment of the Twinning/Joint-degree/Double-degree Programs


University of Tabriz

Faculty and student exchange; Joint research projects, seminars and workshops.


Tabriz Teacher Training University

Faculty and student exchange; Joint research projects, seminars and workshops.


Gilan University

Faculty and student exchange; Joint research projects, seminars and workshops.


Zanjan University

Faculty and student exchange; Joint research projects, seminars and workshops.


Imam Khomeini International University

Student exchange, joint research projects.


Nabi Akram University

Programs in the local and higher education platforms; student exchange.


Caucasus School of Journalism and Media Management

Split Program with Khazar University including training in Journalism, English, and Information Technology.


Caucasus Business School

Faculty Development, Research Cooperation.


Institute of Asia and Africa

Research cooperation. Student and Faculty exchange.


Telavi State University

Teaching; research and study programs; publications of scientific articles in each other’s academic journals; joint conferences; participation in the cultutral events; exchange of students, teaching staff







Seventh of April University Joint study programs; exchange of professors, researchers, students, technical and administrative personnel.


University of Al Mergib Joint research, lectures, symposia; exchange of faculty and students; co-operatuing relating to human resoure development; exchange of information and materials


Australia and New Zealand





University of Ballarat

Collaborative research and visiting scholar arrangement; Student and faculty exchange.

This list is not complete and various schools, departments and centers of Khazar University cooperate with appropriate institutions of various other American, European, Russian, and Asian universities.

Khazar University is a member of several international and regional university associations such as the European University Association, the Black Sea Universities Network, the Caspian University Association, Society of Petroleum Engineering, etc.


Khazar University is committed to the development of networks with various governmental and non-governmental organizations, industry and business, international foundations.

Table 2: Major Partner Organization And Companies



US Department of State

Khazar and UCLA partnership in the field of University Management Development at Khazar University; Translation and Book Development Project; establishment of partner universities’ consortium.

The Eurasia Foundation, USA

Development of the MBA Program at Khazar in 1996; Faculty Development and Educational Administration Program; support for establishment of The Career Center at Khazar University; Regional Graduate Programs in Caucasus studies.

Open Society Institute (Soros Foundation)

Summer Schools in the fields of Economics and Management; and International Human Rights. Library Information Services; Support to Library Automation and Collection Development, Internet Development, Publishing Development, faculty travel and other activities.

The American Bar Association (ABA) on behalf of The Central European and Eurasian Law Initiative (CEELI)


Establishment of Clinical Education and Legal Assistance Center at Khazar University. Creation of the Moot Court Room at Khazar University, Library and resource development in legal studies. Support for  “Jessup International Moot Court” contest.

International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX), USA

Development of Khazar faculty and staff members through training in Azerbaijan and overseas. Support to teacher training programs at Khazar University.

Salzburg Seminar, Austria

Visiting Advisors Program for review external evaluation. Research and Faculty Development.

DAAD-German Academic Exchange Service, Germany

Scholarships for students of Khazar University.

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA

Faculty development.

Fulbright Program, USA

Support to visiting faculty to and from Khazar.

Relief International (RI), USA

Affiliation with the Khazar faculty in a number of programs for the refugee population, including Educational and Health Care programs.

World Bank, USA

Support to the establishment of depositary at KU Library; facilitates Education Reforms in the country.

Asian Development Bank

Support to Khazar University Library.

Schlumberger Logelco, Ltd., USA

Online connection to the Downtown Campus of Khazar University.

Khazar Unocal, Ltd., USA


Support to the establishment of the Center for International and Strategic Studies (presently, Institute of Politics).

The University of Michigan Press, USA

Training programs for the standing of University Press as an independent Publishing House in Azerbaijan.

Cambridge Journals online (CJO)

STM and HSS Packages licence agreement.

“Red Cross” International Organization

Grant for publications in school of Law and Social Sciences.

Technical Assistance to C.I.S. Countries (TACIS), EU

Establishment of an Academic Quality Assurance Center and development of Student Support Services at Khazar University. Dissemination of Qulaity Assurance System to other Azerbaijani universities.

Norwegian Government

Scholarships for master students of Khazar University to study in Norway. 

British Council

Cooperates with Khazar University in the framework of many cultural, academic and exchange programs. An example: partnering with Khazar University on a project Living Together within the framework of global Connecting Futures program.

BP Exploration Company, Azerbaijan

Scholarships and internships for Petroleum Engineering students, support for faculty development program.

World Health Organization

“Preparation of national activity plan of environmental hygiene”- agreement of joint cooperation of Khazar University School of Medicine and Ministry of Health  of Azerbaijan.

Sasakawa Peace Foundation, Japan

Support to two development programs: Corporate Governance in Azerbaijan and Macro Economic Monitoring and Economic Development Forecasting.

Japan Foundation

Library collection development in Japanese Studies.

Caucasus International Consortium for Academic Cooperation (CICAC)

Student and faculty exchange; enhance library information systems development; curriculum development in Caucasus Studies; design and implement joint research projects.

IRCICA (Organization of the Islamic Conference Research Centre for Islamic History, Art and Culture)

Cooperation for resource development.

International Cooperation and Development Agency, Turkey

Scholarship for PhD students of Khazar University.

Sarkeys Energy Center, USA

Memorandum of understanding.

Society of petroleum Engineering

Conferences, Studetns academic and internship activities.

International Standard Book Numbering (ISBN ) and International Standard Music Number (ISMN)

Agreement with Khazar University Printing House on acceptance of it as a National Agency.


 In addition, Khazar has developed ties with Azerbaijan International Operation Company, Ernst and Young, Price-Waterhouse Coopers, Fillip Morris, Azersun Holding, TÜSIAB, Hyatt International, Coca-Cola Azerbaijan, International Bank of Azerbaijan, McDermott, National Bank of Azerbaijan, Norwegian Humanitarian Enterprises, UN, UNESCO, UNICEF, etc.


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